Our company has a history of more than ten years. It is a family business founded by our grandparents 44 years ago, then it started to grow dynamically in view of the high quality and reliability we represent. So first it became a limited partnership and then a limited liability company.

Our joinery makes unique kitchens, wardrobes, cabinets, stairs, indoor and outdoor doors of high quality.

We take into consideration the style and demands of our partners and design their furniture accordingly, both as regards our carpentry and joinery  products.

We made our products of  solid wood and of veneered panels. We use primarily oak, beech, walnut and cherry.

We make hand-carved and hand-painted designs on demand.
We have mastery of different technique of antiquating.
We use a unique, artificially worm-holed, provance style surface treatment.

We make unique furniture with the help of our own, well-trained, experienced team and craftmen. 

 Over the past copuple of years our craftsmen made a number of fine, unique furniture, with which we have won the acclaim of the trade.

We have won several times the excellent master award of the trade.

We won the special award of the chamber with our kitchens exhibited in the Esztergom trade fair in 1996.

Then Rectorate of applied arts awarded our company with the applied arts title on account of the high quality and artistic value of our wooden products in 2003.

We are convinced that we can meet the expectations of our partners in every aspect, by guaranteeing high quality and taking into consideration the interest of our partner.

We hope that we can prove our professionalism, competence and experience to you soon as well.

We remain with best regards,

Tibor Hegyi

Applied artist & Limber technician
Furniture designer, General Manager
We are pleased by your visit and look forward to your further questions and requests.